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Doctors Bret and Lindsey Bartholomew.

Who We AreAs chiropractors, our main focus is to detect the neuro-structural integrity of your spine. By correcting this, it allows the nerves to flow to their optimal level.

Doctor Bartholomew performing pediatric adjustments.

What We DoPlatinum Chiropractic prides itself on making available to you the highest quality of chiropractic services and adjunctive care service.

Doctor Bartholomew peforming an onsite x-ray.

What To ExpectDrs. Bret and Lindsey Bartholomew are Chiropractors who focus on Neuro-Structural correction of the spine.

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The Benefits of Stretching Daily

Most of us realize the benefits of stretching, but how many of you actually stretch daily? I always find that the stretching routines get pushed to the side, much like the recommendations for daily veggies and fruit. In theory, it’s a great idea, but many of us get “busy” or usually don’t remember to stretch because they’re “not in pain”. We see this a lot!

Here are some great benefits to regular daily stretching. Hopefully it will make you reconsider!

Mid-day Energy Boost. Just a few minutes of stretching each afternoon can increase blood flow through your entire body, including your brain.

Improve Balance. Research shows that stretching can help with fine motor coordination skills, which definitely can help prevent tripping and falls!

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Celebrating Our 9 Year Anniversary!

What a ride this has been…

Back in January of 2009, I was an associate doctor in Johnston, IA, and Dr. Bret was finalizing plans for HIS office in Ames. We were not married yet, and although we were engaged, we thought it best to work separately.

That thought process changed just one month later and we agreed that it would be best for both of us to work together. Opening day was April 1, 2009, and I was away at training and missed it!

Throughout these past nine years many things have changed. When the office opened, we were living in Sheldahl (so that we would be in between where I was working in Johnston, to Ames). We were married in October of 2009 and then moved to Gilbert in March of 2010. We had our daughter 4 months later, and then welcomed our son 18 months after that.

We have seen ups and downs,

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What's the Deal with Lacrosse Balls?

We began offering lacrosse balls for sale at the office back in the fall. Many people have been curious about what exactly they are used for. Trust us, not one of us plays lacrosse! Instead, we have researched the use of these balls as a myofascial release technique and they are pretty effective.

What is myofascial release? Fascia, the thin sheath of connective tissue that covers all the muscles and organs of the body, is responsible for connecting muscle groups. When disrupted, it can cause pain and poor movement patterns. Tight fascia can pull the body out of alignment and increase pressure on muscles and joints, causing pain. The goal of myofascial therapy is to stretch and loosen the fascia so the underlying tissue can move freely

Here are some tips on covering the main areas.

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