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Doctors Bret and Lindsey Bartholomew.

Who We AreAs chiropractors, our main focus is to detect the neuro-structural integrity of your spine. By correcting this, it allows the nerves to flow to their optimal level.

Doctor Bartholomew performing pediatric adjustments.

What We DoPlatinum Chiropractic prides itself on making available to you the highest quality of chiropractic services and adjunctive care service.

Doctor Bartholomew peforming an onsite x-ray.

What To ExpectDrs. Bret and Lindsey Bartholomew are Chiropractors who focus on Neuro-Structural correction of the spine.

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Trace Mineral B-12 - Why Should I Take It?

Trace Minerals-B12 was originally designed for patients with undulant fever (rising and falling fever passed from animal to human from untreated milk products). It contains a lot of manganese, which is depleted by undulant fever. This product also contains zinc, copper, iodine and vitamin B12 – all trace minerals, meaning that our bodies require low amounts of all of these minerals to help perform regulatory and structural functions.

Manganese is an enzyme activator and a ligament strengthener and has been found by doctors in the field to be useful for people with herniated discs. In the case of herniated discs, which are often times extremely painful, taking this supplement can strengthen the ligaments around the disc which will provide more support and decrease discomfort.

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Breastfeeding Issues? Chiropractic Can Help!

We have noticed an influx of new babies in the office with latching issues and difficulty nursing. This can become extremely concerning and frustrating for the mom. In an article from Pathways magazine, Dr. Jeanne Ohm does a great job in explaining how this happens and why chiropractic care should be a consideration.

“Modern birthing procedures, even those with seemingly minimal intervention, are known to cause trauma and stress to the infant’s cranium and spine.

In a leading pediatric textbook on manual therapy for children, one author tells us, “When considering injuries and dysfunctions of the spine and its associated structures, the significance of birth trauma is often underestimated, and the resulting symptoms frequently misinterpreted.”

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The Benefits of Stretching Daily

Most of us realize the benefits of stretching, but how many of you actually stretch daily? I always find that the stretching routines get pushed to the side, much like the recommendations for daily veggies and fruit. In theory, it’s a great idea, but many of us get “busy” or usually don’t remember to stretch because they’re “not in pain”. We see this a lot!

Here are some great benefits to regular daily stretching. Hopefully it will make you reconsider!

Mid-day Energy Boost. Just a few minutes of stretching each afternoon can increase blood flow through your entire body, including your brain.

Improve Balance. Research shows that stretching can help with fine motor coordination skills, which definitely can help prevent tripping and falls!

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