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Doctors Bret and Lindsey Bartholomew.

Who We AreAs chiropractors, our main focus is to detect the neuro-structural integrity of your spine. By correcting this, it allows the nerves to flow to their optimal level.

Doctor Bartholomew performing pediatric adjustments.

What We DoPlatinum Chiropractic prides itself on making available to you the highest quality of chiropractic services and adjunctive care service.

Doctor Bartholomew peforming an onsite x-ray.

What To ExpectDrs. Bret and Lindsey Bartholomew are Chiropractors who focus on Neuro-Structural correction of the spine.

Latest News & Events

It's Sports Physical Time Again!

We are now in our 9th year of offering school sports physicals at Ames High School! Our next session will be Tuesday, August 6th from 6:00-8:00 pm.

This is a great way for students to get their school sports physical, as it does not count toward their annual physical for insurance purposes and it is a fundraiser for the Ames High Athletic Booster Club. The physicals cost $30, with $20 of each physical going back to the Boosters.

Physicals will take place in the Athletic Training Room of the high school. They will begin at 6:00 pm, and it will be based on a first come, first serve basis, so be sure to come early!

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Platinum Chiropractic: Community Workshops

One of the things that I absolutely love to do – outside of actually adjusting people, is getting out into the community and sharing health information with people – yes, really!

We have been running our Community Awareness Program since we first opened our office 10 years ago, but often times I forget that some of you have no idea that we do such a thing – and for that, I apologize!

So, what is it? Our Community Awareness Program is our way of giving back to the other businesses and groups that help Ames thrive! We offer health and wellness talks on a variety of different topics at no charge to the employers, in an effort to help their employees stay and maintain their health.

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What is Rapid Fire?

In April, while at a seminar with the Iowa Chiropractic Society, there were many vendors with the latest and greatest – there always are. We usually check out the ones that we are interested in, and skim past the rest.

This particular vendor, Kevin Burns, had an interesting story. He was an MMA fighter and through training and fights, would be incredibly sore. He wanted some longevity in the sport, but didn’t think that his body could handle the rigorous demands being placed on it. His mother suggested essential oils as a way to help with his aches and pains, and as he began looking into it more, he became knowledgeable into what he was trying to create.

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