Supplement Protocol During the Winter Months

I sure am glad that we use Standard Process supplements! Not only are they a natural, quality supplement company, but they also have amazing education seminars and literature to ensure that we are making the best recommendations for our patients – which is always helpful for both Dr. Bret and myself.

When speaking to our Standard Process representative, Nick, he stated that there are some key recommendation changes coming out and these changes will be important during the winter months

What supplements to take over the winter may change depending on how you are feeling. As a general maintenance or wellness supplement, we recommend adding Echinacea Premium and Cataplex D to you regular schedule, to help with deficiencies that we see over the winter months.

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Weight Loss During the Holidays?

Yes, it may seem as if I’m writing about this early, and it’s because I am. Everyone seems to use the holidays as a ‘free pass’ to indulge, yet, if you have a game plan, you can still indulge and keep your weight at bay, and perhaps even lose weight this holiday season!

Here’s some things to think about as you prepare for the holidays.

Make fitness a priority. Is it already? If not, plan out some small steps that will get you moving this winter. You can also use your friends and co-workers as accountability partners with this and walk over lunch or create mini fitness challenges.

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Echinacea Premium and Andrographis Complex

I’m not sure about you, but I have seen the “crud” already going around. As it gets colder, we try to find ways to stay healthy (read article on first page), but sometimes, our bodies become deficient in vital nutrients and that is when supplementation can be very effective.

We recommend taking both Echinacea Premium and Andrographis Comples to keep your immune system in prime form this winter. Here’s some key information on each.

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How Can I Stay Healthy This Winter?

For many, it isn’t about if you get sick over the winter months, it becomes a question of how many times. Why is it that you and your children get every cold, ear infection and respiratory infection out there, but your co-worker remains healthy all season? It is probably a combination of things.

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What You Need To Know About Candida Overgrowth

You may never have heard of the term “candida overgrowth,” but that doesn’t mean that you haven’t been affected by it. In fact, the combination of a standard Western diet and a lifetime of antibiotic consumption have left most of us battling this condition without even being aware of it. A quick glance at the shocking list of symptoms it causes, however, will quickly resonate with most readers, and explain a lot about the fatigue and general feeling of ill health that many of us cope with on a daily basis.

What is candida?

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