Massage vs. Chiropractic

Pain affecting hard tissue like the spine and joints, and soft tissue including muscles and ligaments, is bound to happen to everyone at some point in life. Sudden, onset pain from specific injuries like athletics or car accidents as well as chronic pain from repetitive habits both affect the body’s musculoskeletal system. Limited range of motion can result from tissue damage, and both chiropractic and massage can restore the body’s mobility.

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Protection Plans

By far, the majority of people coming into our office do so because of a secondary condition, aka, pain.

We are a very unique Chiropractic office, because instead of just focusing on pain and other secondary conditions, we focus on the Structural Correction of your spine. Whenever there is a structural shift in your spine, it causes a miscommunication from the brain to the rest of the body, which will then lead to those secondary conditions. That structural shift is the primary condition. By correcting that, we will therefore eliminate those secondary conditions.

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7 Super Foods to Improve Cholesterol

The best meal for anyone worried about their cholesterol is a meal low in saturated fat and abundant in fruits and vegetables. And although there are no magic bullets beyond that healthy prescription, certain foods have been shown to give cholesterol levels an extra nudge in the right direction.

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