Catalyn: The Great Multi-Vitamin

We often recommend vitamins and other supplements to people for a few reasons. 1) they may be severely deficient in them, as in the case of vitamin D, and 2) even if you diet is great, our soil is not as nutrient dense as it once was. So, for both of the reasons above, there is a deficiency problem that needs to be addressed.

Catalyn fills the gap that many of us have in our nutrition. It was the first vitamin made by Standard Process back in 1929. It has since been tweaked and revised to ensure that it remains a complete whole food vitamin. It includes 12 whole food ingredients: carrot, sweet potato, nutritional yeast, bovine adrenal, bovine liver, bovine spleen, ovine spleen, bovine kidney, pea vine, alfalfa, mushroom and oats.

There are no synthetic pesticides, no herbicides, no genetically engineered foods.
Many multivitamins on the market today are sold as “one a day” pills. Not Catalyn. Because it is a whole food supplement, it works the same as food. You don’t eat one meal and go about your day. You eat steadily through the day so that your body has fuel to last the day. With Catalyn, the same theory applies. The recommended suggested use is one tablet, three times a day, which will give you proper nutrients throughout the day.

As I mentioned with last month’s article on fish oils - the supplements that we recommend and have available for our patients are of the very highest quality, and in some cases, considered to be “pharmaceutical grade.” We are not recommending the products so that we can force you to purchase them from our practice. We ARE recommending these products because they are at the level of quality that satisfies our requirements.

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