Clean Eating 101: Meal Planning

I know that recently we’ve been talking a lot about our Purification Program. They are great for our bodies and provide numerous benefits. I also realize that detox programs are not for everyone. In fact, if your diet is not great, it can be a huge shock to your system and people flat out get cranky!

So what do we do? We want to lose weight and get in shape, but where do we start? We need to end the love affair that we have with food! I know, I know, that sounds horrible. But really, 80% of our efforts to lose weight comes from food and not from exercise. Really. And when it comes to clean eating, I recommend taking things slow and plan it out.

Begin by looking at your diet. I mean, take a really good look. How often are you eating out each week? Do you really need to? If so, can you make healthier food choices? Do you eat breakfast? What do your snacks look like? How many of your snacks are pre-packaged and processed? Do you have a game plan each week for dinners?

At our house, our kids have been getting into more and more activities, which definitely means that we need to juggle our schedule more. Does this mean that we need to eat out on days that they have activities? No. It means that we need a game plan.

If you take an hour each week, you will be amazed at how much control you can gain in your meal plans. For instance, our Tuesday nights are busy. We know that on Tuesdays I need to cook dinner early but have it ready for when our son gets done hockey, but on Wednesday, we eat earlier before the kids go to Church. On Tuesdays, one pot meals and casseroles work so much better, so I plan for that.

Plan out your week and get a game plan for what you want to do for breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Again, in an hour, you can get a really good idea of what your week looks like. THEN make your grocery list. You will tend to only buy the things you need and avoid some of the unhealthy buys along the way.

This is a great start. Does it have to be perfect? Of course not! But don’t feel defeated if something disrupts your plan. This is definitely a process and takes time. Meal planning allows you to control where your food is coming from, and from there you can begin to make healthier choices.

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