Growing Healthy Children

When becoming a parent, there are so many things that we need to think about – food, sleep, clothes, shelter, manners, education, social interactions, and so much more. We always question our decisions and hope and pray that we are doing everything right.

I believe that there is a reason to question our choices. Right now in the US, we have a growing number of children with chronic diseases. What is happening to us as a society? Well, to start, we have a growing number of medical interventions that at times do more harm than good. As I’ve always said, there is a time and a place for medicine, and we extremely blessed to have the technology that we do. Unfortunately, even though we have the best technology, we are still ranked 34th in the world of healthiest countries.

Our food choices, as a population, are horrible. Did you know that 34% of children will eat fast food today? And if that number isn’t frightening, it’s worse for adults! Remember, you are what you eat. That is so true! There is no wonder in my mind why we have so much chronic disease right now. The majority of Americans eat a diet high in processed food and simple carbohydrates, which causes inflammation in the body. Our bodies need fuel to live and work properly.

When we feed our bodies garbage, unfortunately we get that back in our health.
How can we be helping our children? Obviously as a chiropractor, I always believe that we should be looking toward the nervous system for answers – but that can’t be the only answer! I believe that nutrition is key to ensuring that we all stay healthy and active. We also need to address other areas in their lives - screen time, school.

Join us on Thursday, August 16th as we take a closer look at why we our kids are so sick, and what we can do about it. We will discuss the 5 most common conditions that we see in our pediatric population in the office, which are: 1) Colic 2) Constipation 3) Ear Infections 4) Allergies and Asthma 5) Sensory Processing Disorders

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