Medi-Herb: Turmeric Forte

MediHerb® Turmeric Forte supports healthy joint mobility for athletes and individuals of any age who live an active lifestyle, in addition to patients seeking support of the body’s normal inflammatory response and those requiring antioxidant and general liver detoxification support.

The novelty of Turmeric Forte is based on its ability to be absorbed into body tissues. Turmeric Forte delivers a unique clinically-trialed ingredient of Turmeric rhizome combined with Fenugreek seed extracts, effective at providing 24.8 times enhanced bioavailability of curcumin+ the active constituent responsible for Turmeric’s health benefits.

“With Turmeric Forte, only plant extracts and ethanol and water are used in its manufacture,” said Kerry Bone, MediHerb® co-founder and director of research and development. “Human studies (on the Turmeric/Fenugreek ingredient) have shown that highly-mobile, free curcumin is dramatically increased in the bloodstream, giving a wide range of clinical applications because of this improved tissue access.”

This product has just been released in 2018 and has been very popular and very effective.

As I mentioned with last month’s article on catalyn - the supplements that we recommend and have available for our patients are of the very highest quality, and in some cases, considered to be “pharmaceutical grade.” We are not recommending the products so that we can force you to purchase them from our practice. We ARE recommending these products because they are at the level of quality that satisfies our requirements.

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