7 Best Essential Oils

There are so many of us that would like to live healthier lives, but are not sure where to start. For some, the thought of using essential oils is terrifying, while others are more open to the idea but unsure how to use them. Here is a list of seven top oils (whether they are the best is purely a matter of preference) and how/why you should use them. Lavender. This calming, relaxing essential oil is perfect for helping your mind relax and dropping your energy levels for a good snooze. Simple apply 1 drop topically or place in a diffuser for an aromatic ambience. Applying lavender essential oil to the bottom of your feet and pillow is also a method commonly used to fall asleep. Peppermint. Peppermint essential oil can be one of the greatest assets for people looking to lose weight and curb appetites. Peppermint is renowned for its ability to support digestion, boost energy, improve focus, and relieve muscle pain. Simply apply a drop or two topically or drop into a diffuser and allow the scent to do its magic. Ginger. Ginger essential oil is incredibly helpful for improving digestion, reducing inflammation, relieving nausea, and supporting your joints. Eucalyptus essential oil is popularly known for its pleasant smell, but it’s also a powerful aide for those with respiratory issues caused by allergies or conditions like bronchitis. If you’re often in situations where there is dirty, dust, or pollen around, you will likely see huge improvements from occasionally using eucalyptus essential oil. To use, place a few drops in a diffuser and allow the aroma to cleanse your breathing. Frankincense has been around for thousands of years, mostly in religious and spiritual settings. Its benefits include brain support, building immunity to viruses, reducing inflammation and it could even help the body fight serious diseases. Lemon essential oil can be used for everything from cleaning products to cleansing your body. By consuming a drop or two of lemon essential oil in a glass of water a day, you will give your lymph an extra hand in draining and cleaning your body of impurities Myrrh is an appropriate oil to close out our list because it just makes you feel and look good. Myrrh is naturally anti-septic, helps to support your skin, and keep your hormones balanced. Simply apply a drop or two topically anywhere on your body to reduce anything from acne to athlete’s foot.

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