Platinum Chiropractic: Community Workshops

One of the things that I absolutely love to do – outside of actually adjusting people, is getting out into the community and sharing health information with people – yes, really!

We have been running our Community Awareness Program since we first opened our office 10 years ago, but often times I forget that some of you have no idea that we do such a thing – and for that, I apologize!

So, what is it? Our Community Awareness Program is our way of giving back to the other businesses and groups that help Ames thrive! We offer health and wellness talks on a variety of different topics at no charge to the employers, in an effort to help their employees stay and maintain their health.

We are excited and honored to have done over 200 talks over the years. So, what do we talk about? Well, here are just a few of our most requested topics that we offer.

Stress Management - Identify the differences between physical, emotional and chemical stress, gain a better understanding of how stress affects your health, and open your mind to learning natural and effective ways to combat stress.

Back Safety and Injury Prevention - Up to 80% of us will experience back pain at some point in our lives. Learn how to avoid back injuries by significantly increasing safety at home and on the job, and drastically reducing the risk of injury by understanding how lifting and posture affects your health.

Growing Healthy Children - Raising healthy children in these times can be a challenge for even the best parents. Learn concrete solutions for keeping your child healthy and also the five most common problems that we see with children in our office.

Breathe Easy – The Cause Behind Allergies and Asthma - Allergies and asthma can start at a very young age. Learn exactly how and why this is, and also some concrete steps to eliminating them altogether.

If you or your employer is interested in having us come in, just let us know. We can send over additional information and accommodate our schedules as needed!

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