Is Our Purification Right for You?

We are now entering 2017 – can you believe it? Many of us make our New Year’s Resolutions, but what action steps do we take to see that our goals become reality? Statistically, losing weight has been at thetop of the list, and unfortunately, our ambition quickly fades as we settle back into our bad, lazy habits.

Most people think that exercise is the biggest weight loss tool there is. While exercise has a host of health benefits, it really only makes up about 20% of the weight loss equation. The remaining 80% is what we are putting into our bodies through diet.

It always seems easy to spew out “eat less calories and you will lose weight”, but in reality, the quality of food that you are putting into your body makes a world of difference.

Our society as a whole eats horribly. I say this because we are all in a hurry, and unfortunately, that means that we look for easy and quick solutions. While convenient, it definitely isn’t healthy.

The Standard Process 21-Day Purification Program gets back to whole food eating, which leaves people feeling full of energy and vitality.

For the first 10 days, along with supplements, you will eat all vegetables and fruits in a 2:1 ratio, along with a half a cup of brown riceper day. The purpose of the first 10 days is to rid yourself of toxins and detoxify your body. On day 11, you begin to add protein back into the diet. This will allow you to set achievablemeal plans moving forward.

Is this program right for you? Do you constantly feel fatigued? Are you overweight? Do you feel sluggish? The Purification Program helps with all of this.

The only group that I do not recommend this program for is those who do not like vegetables and fruits, because this would be a miserable 3 weeks. For all others, come to our information session on Tuesday, January 17th at 6:30 in our office. Call 515-292-3718 to reserve your seat!

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