Supplement Protocol During the Winter Months

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I sure am glad that we use Standard Process supplements! Not only are they a natural, quality supplement company, but they also have amazing education seminars and literature to ensure that we are making the best recommendations for our patients – which is always helpful for both Dr. Bret and myself.

When speaking to our Standard Process representative, Nick, he stated that there are some key recommendation changes coming out and these changes will be important during the winter months

What supplements to take over the winter may change depending on how you are feeling. As a general maintenance or wellness supplement, we recommend adding Echinacea Premium and Cataplex D to you regular schedule, to help with deficiencies that we see over the winter months.

If at any time you feel run down or something “coming on”, add Congaplex and Andrographis Complex to your routine as well. Take these supplements in mega-doses (every hour or two) and it will have you back to feeling great again!

There are also those of us out there that are “always sick”. If this is you, there might be a good reason for it. Most often, when we are sick, our immune systems are clearly run down. Then, we are given antibiotics to help with your sickness. Antibiotics definitely serve a purpose, but instead of just knocking out the bad bacteria in our system, it knocks out ALL bacteria in our system, leaving our immune system weakened further. If we don’t replenish that system, eat too much holiday snacks, and don’t fuel our bodies’ properly, this sickness cycle will continue. Immplex is a great supplement to help with this imbalance. It is designed to enhance the entire immune system, and is recommended to be added as part of your winter supplement routine if you are continually run down. So remember, stay properly hydrated, eat less sugar and more whole, natural foods, exercise and supplement to get the most out of your winter!

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