The Benefits of Stretching Daily

Most of us realize the benefits of stretching, but how many of you actually stretch daily? I always find that the stretching routines get pushed to the side, much like the recommendations for daily veggies and fruit. In theory, it’s a great idea, but many of us get “busy” or usually don’t remember to stretch because they’re “not in pain”. We see this a lot!

Here are some great benefits to regular daily stretching. Hopefully it will make you reconsider!

Mid-day Energy Boost. Just a few minutes of stretching each afternoon can increase blood flow through your entire body, including your brain.

Improve Balance. Research shows that stretching can help with fine motor coordination skills, which definitely can help prevent tripping and falls!

Improve Flexibility. Unless you do yoga regularly, most people could work on flexibility. Stretching will help with that, and you may notice you get more out of your workouts due to better form.

Prevent Injury. By incorporating stretching in with your exercise routine, you will reduce the chance of muscle tightness and spasms and help continue keeping your body aligned and in the correct posture.

Stress RELIEF! This one deserves capital letters because I think most of us can use this on a daily basis! While taking the time to stretch requires physical focus and skill, it also allows us to take a break, focus on our breathing and relax.

Making stretching part of your daily routine takes time. Start slow and don’t overload yourself. If you can commit to 5-10 minutes per day, your body and mind will love you! If you have any questions about which exercises you may benefit from, please let us know!

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