Trace Mineral B-12 - Why Should I Take It?

Trace Minerals-B12 was originally designed for patients with undulant fever (rising and falling fever passed from animal to human from untreated milk products). It contains a lot of manganese, which is depleted by undulant fever. This product also contains zinc, copper, iodine and vitamin B12 – all trace minerals, meaning that our bodies require low amounts of all of these minerals to help perform regulatory and structural functions.

Manganese is an enzyme activator and a ligament strengthener and has been found by doctors in the field to be useful for people with herniated discs. In the case of herniated discs, which are often times extremely painful, taking this supplement can strengthen the ligaments around the disc which will provide more support and decrease discomfort.

Trace Minerals-B12 also supports overall endocrine function. The trace minerals it contains are all required by the endocrine glands for proper function: iodine for the thyroid, manganese for the pituitary, copper for the adrenals, zinc for the gonads and pancreas, and vitamin B12 for the spleen and red blood cells.

Because of the activation of the body’s enzyme systems by the manganese, Trace Minerals-B12 can be beneficial for the patient with chronic low resistance to infection, colds, flu, etc. The B12 and other trace minerals are also important in supporting the integrity of the blood, so the product is useful in the care of patients with anemia as well.

Overall, this is a great supplement to add daily. Many of us are deficient in our trace minerals due to nutrient deficiency in our soil. This is a great way to ensure that you are getting everything that your body needs.

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