Why Do I Need to Detox?

This time of the year can be two-fold for many people. On one side, we want to get in shape and lose weight and have tons of motivation to do so. On the other side, we’re drained from the holidays, tired, in a brain fog and frustrated. To steal the term from Dr. Mark Hyman, many of us suffer from FLC Syndrome – Feel Like Crap Syndrome.

What does this mean? We ALWAYS seem to be tired, drained, sore, and achy. If this sounds like you, a detoxification program will work wonders for you. Now, before I go on, many people get freaked out by talking about a “detox”. In reality, when done correctly using a legitimate and researched program, detoxification programs can be extremely effective. Here are just 3 of the benefits to cleansing.

Rid your body of toxins. I bet you thought I would say lose weight? Well, that is a great benefit, but we build up so much garbage in our body due to improper diets, environmental toxins and chemicals. These chemicals hang out in our cells and lead to chronic disease and immune problems. Detoxing your body will flush these out of our cells, which provide so many benefits. Lose weight. Along with getting rid of toxins, decreasing chronic disease and increasing immune function, losing weight is a great “side effect” of detoxing. By cutting out a lot of the garbage that we eat and increasing water, our bodies will shed unneeded pounds. Improve quality of life. How good would it feel to wake up feeling re-charged and energized? By making some of this a permanent lifestyle change, you will notice improved skin quality, mental and emotional clarity and greater energy levels. You’ll notice that I added some additional benefits in as well. In fact, we have had some patients that report improved allergy and asthma symptoms, better sleep, and much better digestion issues.

Not sure if a detox is right for you? Attend our information session on Tuesday, January 16 at 6:30 pm. We will discuss why we need to detox, what the program entails, as well as some of the great benefits associated with it. RSVP with the front desk or by calling 515-292-3718.

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